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   Event Details - Fredericton North Heritage Fair


  • Start Date: Saturday October 19
  • End Date: Saturday October 19
  • Start Time: 09:30AM
  • Location: Kinsmen Community Centre, 141 School Street, South Devon, New Brunswick, E3A 2Y6
  • Phone Number:
  • Event Website: Website


Fredericton North Heritage Fair

The Fredericton North Heritage Fair will be taking place on Saturday, October 29th, 2019, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at Kinsmen Community Centre, 141 School Street, South Devon, New Brunswick.

Hosted by Fredericton North Heritage Association and admission is free.

Exhibits / Exhibitors for 2019 (Confirmed as of Sunday, April 21st, 2019):

Black Heritage (Mary Louise McCarthy/Ralph Thomas)
Central New Brunswick Welsh Society (J.Thomas/C.Jewett)
C.H.Fifth Reg’t New Hampshire Volunteers (Lindsay Titus)
Coy’s Bakery (Lyman Coy)
Fredericton Heritage Trust (Ian Robertson)
Fredericton North Heritage Journals (D.Moore/M.McNeil)
Fredericton North Heritage Membership (Anne Trecarten)
Fredericton Region Museum (Melynda Jarratt)
Fredericton Society of St. Andrews (D.Morrison/M.Campbell)
Genealogy (Andrew Gunter)
Irish Canadian Cultural Assoc. of NB (Bruce Driscoll)
Keswick Ridge Historical Society (Anne Hunt)
Kings Landing Historical Settlement (Ruth Murgatroyd)
Lebanese (Reema Youssef)
Marysville Heritage (Terry Arnold)
NB Scottish Cultural Assoc. (Mel Fitton)
Penniac Church Restoration (Sandra Ferris)
Provincial Archives of NB (Heather Lyons)
Queens County Heritage (Bruce Thomson)
Railroad Exhibit (George Crawford)
School Days Museum (Doreen Armstrong)
Sports – Northsiders (Bob Mabie)
St. Mary’s Artist (Patrick Nelson)
The Ville Cooperative (Jeff MacFarlane/Adam Weaver)
Tomlinson Lake & Underground Railroad (Joe Gee)


Spinning (Elizabeth Simms)

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